The Parsi Zoroastrian Association of Calcutta was founded in 1935 to promote the religious, social, economic, intellectual activities of the Parsi Community in Calcutta and to study and solve problems confronting the community. The founder members were, the late Dr. D. N. Wadia, Head of the Geological Survey, the late C. H. M. Rustomji and E. S. Olpadvala - the latter two Trustees of the CZCRCF. The first joint Honorary Secretaries were the late Mr. K. S. Colah and the late M. C. H. Rustomji. Mr. J. J. Modi was the first Hony. Treasurer and he continued until he passed away in 1975. The members of the First Managing Committee included the late A. Dinshaw, who was an active member as well as a joint secretary for many years and who played an important part in guiding the destiny of the Association. The other founder members were Mr. S. S. Nazir, Mr. R. T. Saklath and Dr. J. K. Wadia. Mr. R. T. Saklath, passed away in March 1979, after serving this organization for 44 years in various capacities.
With a beginning of social gatherings for debates and lectures, it developed into a study group inviting scholars of eminence in Bengal, Bombay and other places to address on Philosophy, Ancient History and Religion. It has also been helping in imparting religious instruction to children and holding annual competitions giving silver medals and cash prizes.
The Association has published the following books which have been hailed by scholars from different parts of the world :
1. The Hymns of Atharvan Zarathushtra by J. M. Chatterjee. 2. Atharvan Zarathushtra, the Foremost Prophet by J. M. Chatterjee. 3. The Message of the Gathas as Reflected by Masnavi by J. M. Chatterjee. 4. The Gospel of Zarathushtra by J. M. Chatterjee. 5. “Fravarane” for Navjot-age children. 6. “Daily Prayers of the Zoroastrians” (in English) by Framroz Rustomji. 7. Hymns of Ecstasy by Cyrus S. Meherji 8. The Paradise Dweller by Cyrus S. Meherji 9. Return of the Paradise Dweller by Cyrus S. Meherji 10. The Flickering Flame by Cyrus S. Meherji 11. I am Cyrus by Cyrus S. Meherji
The Parsi Zoroastrian Association along with other Parsi institutions has helped in various important community matters.
It participated in the collection of funds and celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the Weekly Gujarati periodical ‘Navroz’ in 1967, and its Diamond Jubilee in 1978.
The Association has the reputation of conducting several honest polls to elicit opinion of the community members on controversial matters.
The Parsi Zoroastrian Association is consulted by the State Government in various civic matters including recommendation of names of the delegates to the Parsi matrimonial court.
It has achieved, to a great extent, success in preserving unity in the community.

The PZA Committee for the year 2015-16 is as follows:-

Mrs. Viroo Medhora
Vice Presidents
Mr. Darayas Bapooji Mr. Jemi Bilimoria
Honorary Treasurer
Mr. Kersi Mogrelia
Joint Hony. Secretaries
Mrs. Nargis Bapooji Mrs. Roshan Dandiwalla   Committee Members Mr. Burjor Modi Mr. Viraf Langrana Mrs. Dilbar Gotla Mrs. Katy Sabawalla Mrs. Pearl Tarapore Mrs. Ketty Kapadia

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